Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naan Pizzas, from Kris

I had some frozen Trader Joes Naan bread, spaghetti sauce, cheese and deli meat. So, I made individual pizzas-they turned out to be really really yummy and each piece of naan bread is a perfect serving (big serving, actually!). And, all 4 fit into the oven at the same time. Totally easy and everyone gets to pick their own toppings. And since each pizza is cooked at the same time, everyone gets to eat together too! So, here's the recipe:

Naan Pizzas:

- 1 package (4 pieces) frozen Trader Joe's Naan Bread
- shredded cheese
- 1 jar pizza sauce (I used spaghetti sauce and it was good)
- toppings of choice - ideas are: canned mushrooms, sliced olives, artichokes, finely diced onion, peppers, chopped deli meat - turkey/ham, pepperoni, pineapple.

Put Naan bread into oven frozen and cook for about 4 minutes. Take out of oven, top with sauce, toppings and cheese. Put back into oven and bake for 3 minutes, then broil for 1 minute until cheese is bubbly.

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