Thursday, August 2, 2007

BBQ Pulled Pork with Saffron Rice and Beans, by Carrie

1 - 2 lbs of Boneless Pork Ribs
1 package of Mahatma saffron yellow rice
1 can of Goya kidney beans (or black beans)
1 envelope of Goya Sazon seasoning (Con Azafran)
BBQ sauce and dry rub

Rub ribs with a dry bbq rub and place in crock pot for 6 hours on low.

Empty contents of beans can (liquid and all) into sauce pan, add Goya seasoning and simmer on low for 30 minutes until beans are soft.

Make rice per directions.

Take pork out of crockpot and fork-flake. Add BBQ sauce and stir (I only like to add a little because I like mine kinda dry, other people add a lot if they like their BBQ sloppy.) Add a spoon or two of the pork drippings from the crockpot for added flavor - if desired!