Friday, January 23, 2009

Crockpost Experiment Chicken, an idea from Carolyn

Okay, so the crockpot experiment was edible, tasty even, and will be further experimented with before I codify the recipe. But I'll tell you briefly what I did:

-sliced a chicken breast, put at bottom of crockpot with seasoned salt on top
-added a small chunk of butter and a splash of sherry
-poured a cup or two of stuffing mix (the seasoned bread crumbs)
-put more butter and sherry on top, then some water (1/3 cup?... I just eyeballed it)
-cooked on low for, hmmm, 7 or 8 hours

Next time around I plan to actually mix the stuffing mix with melted butter, sherry, diced onion, and maybe some parsley or something, put that on top of the chicken, and then add the water.

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