Monday, May 7, 2007

No Bake, No Metric Measurement Cheesecake, by Nastia

I think its time for my cheesecake recipe, I like it cause it does not need baking and I can give you the ingredients in cuos and pieces saving me from the *&^%$%#@ metric system.

One can of sour cherry, or abour 35-40 pieces fresh sour cherry (take off the core)

Two cups of sour cherry juice (coffee cups)

Two table spoons of Corn Flour

Two cups of powder sugar

1cup of cream (Creme fresche)

1pack of Philadelphia cheese

1 pack and 10pieces of petite beurre or digestive cookies

1 pack of butter

Melt the butter, crush the cookies until they become powder (I use the blender for that.

In a medium pan put the cookie powder and the melted butter, stir until they become ven and press them at the bottom (must be even in the whole pan.

Stir cream, cheese, and sugar until they become thick spread over the cookies

Add the sour cherries refrigerate for 30min

Boil half the juice in the other half put the corn flour and mix. When the juice boils add the cron flour mix and stir in the same direction until creamy spread on the top of the cherries. Refrigerate for another hour.

This is the only dessert that turns out yummy every time

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