Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Avgolemono, from Nastia

Fish soup for us to day with special Greek sauce called Avgolemono and its yuuuummyy.

You will need

Two big or three small fish for soup (cod is good, scorpaenid also good)

Two or three carrots peled and cut in rounds

two big potatoes cut in cubes

One celery root with the leaves chopped

two big onions chopped

one tea cup of white rice (not the yellow one)

Juice from three lemons

Three eggs

olive oil

salt pepper

Boil the fish in some salty water and remove them, add the veggies and the olive oil in the wather and boil for 5 mins, add the rice and boil until the veggies and rice are soft add some water if necessary. Take all the bones of the fish and put the flesh back to the pot.

Beat the eggs until foamish, add lemon juice slowly and keep beating until it takes a light yellow color. Add two big soup spoons from the pot to the mix, stir and add the mixture in the soup. Be carefull when adding the eggs the soup must be hot but not boiling, cause then the eggs will harden and the soup will be junk. It can replace chicken soup when someone is sick.

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