Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grilling Tips, from Jim

A cheap alternative for the planks (which are outrageously priced for a piece of frickin wood) is to get some cedar fence boards and cut to size. Disclaimer - Make sure they aren't treated, but I don't think many (if any) are.

Ribs in a foil boat won't cut it here in Texas... If you have a 3-burner 2-tier grill you can adjust it with one burner to get about 250 degrees and put the ribs on the far side on the 2nd tier. Put some wet wood chips in the foil boat and seal it up, then put it over the burner (may have to put it under the grill, right on the burner) to get some smoke. Add wood as needed but don't overdo it. Put some dry rub (search www.recipe.com or similar site for rib rub) on the ribs ahead of time and smoke for ~3 hours. Let them sit covered for a while when they're done, if you have the patience... mmmmmmm Not a quick meal but good for a weekend when you're puttering about outside anyway.

My favorite grilling these days is the little pork riblets. They're pretty cheap too. I use the same rub I use for regular ribs, or for variety I use lemon pepper, steak seasoning, season-all, garlic salt, or whatever sounds good. Trim them good. Grill on medium heat until they're done, moving the done ones (they'll shrink when they're done) to the top rack. Make sure and let them sit covered for a while after they're done. Tear them up into single-bone pieces to eat.

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