Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grilling Ideas from Rocknut


Marinade: Italian dressing for a quick marinade, or melt a mixture of butter, rosemary, garlic, and oregano and a squirt of lemon juice (plus salt and pepper). Put marinade in a large ziplock bag with asparagus for at least half an hour before grilling. DELICIOUS!

Steaks: (Rib Steaks are my favourite) Any spice mixture you want. I favour a basic salt, pepper and cajun spice mix... DO NOT flip your steaks more than once! (sorry Jake, lol!)

Twice baked Potatoes: Microwave several baking potatoes till relatively soft, cut in half. Scoop insides out into a bowl (leaving a thin shell of potato), mash insides with butter, cream cheese, garlic, cooked broccoli (bacon, cheddar, asiago, onions, whatever you like!) put mixture back into shells, garnish with cheese, fresh herbs on top, and put on grill for 20 minutes or so...

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