Saturday, July 21, 2007

Freezer Cheesecake, by Dani

1-8oz whipped topping
1-8oz brick cream cheese
1/2c sugar
1 to 1/5tsp vanilla
Prepared graham cracker pie crust

Basically pour everything into a bowl, use your hand mixer to mix it together, and then pour in the pie crust and freeze. It's a bitch to cut, but well worth it. Make sure you have a sharp knife, and some hot water handy when you go to cut it.It started out as a regular refrigerated cheesecake recipe, but after a full 24hrs in the fridge, it wouldn't set up right, so I stuck it in the freezer and it became freezer cheesecake.

For Chocolate I just used a chocolate crust and chocolate whipped topping. DH loved it. I dont' like the chocolate crust, so I can't tell you what I thought.

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