Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cranberry and Dried-Cherry Sauce, and idea from Jenifer

From Bon Appetit 2002
1 12 oz container cranberry juice cocktail, thawed
1 c water
1 c packed golden brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick broken in half
1/4 tsp ground allspice
1 6 oz package dried tart cherries
1 12 oz package cranberries

Bring first 5 ingredients to boil in heavy medium saucepan over med-high heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Add cherries; cook 2 minutes. Add cranberries; cook until berries pop, stirring occasionally- about 9 minutes. Transfer to bowl and chill overnight- discard cinnamon. Serve at room temp.

Can be made a week in advance

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