Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Potato Apple Casserole, from Kris

Sweet Potato Apple Casserole:

- 4 or 5 small - medium yams or sweet potatoes cut to 1/4 inch thick rounds
- 4 cored apples (granny smith) cut to 1/4 inch rounds
- 1/2 cup raisins
- 1/2 cup toasted pecans
- 4 TBSP butter cut into slices
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp ginger
- 1/2 cup brown sugar
- 3/4 cup orange juice
- 2 TBSP dark molasses
- miniature marshmallows to preference

In small bowl mix cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar together.

In microwave safe cup, heat orange juice and molasses and stir together until well mixed.

In a baking dish that has been lightly sprayed with no stick spray, layer 1/2 of the sweet potato slices, top with half of the apple slices, add half of the raisins, half of the pecans and top with half of the brown sugar mixture. "Dot" with half of the butter slices, making sure to get little chunks of butter well distributed. Repeat for one more layer and then pour the orange juice mixture over entire casserole. Bake covered at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Remove cover and bake an additional 20 minutes (or until sweet potatoes and apples are tender). In the last 5 minutes of cooking, add as many marshmallows to the top as you want. Remove from oven before marshmallows burn (this is a very important step!).

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